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Village Regulations

Tornado Warning Sirens

The Village’s warning sirens are tested on the first Tuesday of each month at approximately 10:30am. If the sirens are activated at any other time, it means a severe weather emergency (such as a confirmed tornado or funnel cloud) has been detected in close proximity to the Village and residents should seek cover immediately. When the weather appears threatening, don’t rely solely on sirens to protect you and your family. Stay indoors and monitor local television and radio stations for watches and warnings! Remember, you are the person most responsible for your safety!

Burning Regulations

Burning may occur Monday thru Saturday from 6am to 8pm. BURNING IS PROHIBITED ON SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS. Burn only paper products and other items which do not produce excessive smoke and odor, such as food waste, wet leaves, etc. No burning may take place on any village street, alley or sidewalk. All fires are to be attended at all times. Penalties for violations of this ordinance are not more than $50 for the first offense up to $500 for repeat violations.

Speed Limits

The speed limit on all streets in the village is 25mph unless otherwise posted

Pet Regulations

Village ordinances state that any dog, cat or other animal found running at large will be deemed and considered a public nuisance and be subject to impoundment in the Kankakee Animal Control Pound. Any animal not on the premises of its owner, is considered running at large with fines ranging from $25 to $500. No one may keep a combined total of more than three adult dogs, cats or other domestic animals over 6 months of age.

No one may keep an animal that disturbs the peace or quiet of any neighborhood by habitual or regular barking, howling, whining, meowing or other noise making. Such acts are declared a nuisance and the owner and/or the person harboring the animal shall be held responsible with fines ranging from $25 to $500

Lawn Maintence

No one may allow weeds or grass to grow to a height exceeding 8 inches anywhere in the Village. The penalty for this violation is the villages' cost to have it mowed, plus a sum of $50. The owner or occupant of the property shall be held responsible.


The curfew in the village for those less than 17 years of age shall be 11pm Sunday through Thursday and 12am Friday and Saturday.

ATV and Off Road Vehicles

It is unlawful anywhere in the State of Illinois and the Village of Bonfield to operate an ATV or Off-road vehicle on any roadway or ditch. additionally, you may not operate this equipment on private property other than your own without permission. The penalty for violations is no less than $75. Residents have been asked to call the Kankakee Sheriffs Department if you see this activity.

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